Jai Nagar New Street – Road being re-laid un-evenly – 08.03.2022

Re-laying of Road in New Street commenced at early hours on 08.03.2022. On finding that the road was laid un-evenly, the work was stopped and the issue was escalated to Councillor Thiru P Logu and Hon’ble MLA. Since MLA was out of station his PA came immediately to the spot and Councillor’s brother Mr Sekar also came along with ex-corporation employee Mr Veeramani. They all assured to intervene and correct the laying. The Contractor came in the afternoon along with  material ‘asphalt mix’ and, amidst our protests, he managed and completed the work. Corpn AE,127, AEE also came to the spot. C Thanikaivel, N Arjunan, K Ravikumar and several other members of JNDA have all assembled at the spot.

Sekar, Veeramani, Thanikaivel, Chitti Babu, Ravikimar, Arjunan
Arjunan, Thanikai, Veeramani, Chitti, Ravi, Sekar
MLA’s PA Rajadurai, Ravi, etc